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Temple Candles

Our Story


Growing up wasn't always peaches and cream. Dealing with foster care at a young age, living in shelters, and even losing our sister, life became very depressing and felt like the world was just a complete stop. The special thing about our logo is that, its a blue eye that represents our beloved sisters eye color. Which illustrates, her protecting and watching down upon us. Along side our other guardian angles who are doing the same.  

Life changed dramatically and it wasent for the best. Some what like a bad dream that we couldnt wake up from. Non stop drinking, due to the fact of being depressed and just feeling so numb. Eventually we asked ourselves, am I depressed and unhappy with myself? Do I want to feel at peace? Do I want to be happy?  Do i want a better future?


Thats where candle making came about. We wanted to start a hobby that will make us forget all the bad, and distract our minds to positive thoughts. The unique and phenomenal scents made us feel protected, gave us hope, and made us feel at peace. 


We guarantee your home will feel and have complete peace with such a relaxing state of mind. We want to eventually give back to the community with food drives and clothes donations. We would love to help to the less fortunate as many ways as we can. We know the struggle, and just know the secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage. Remember to always be courageous and follow your dreams. 

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